With a new month comes new monthly fitness goals! As opposed to yearly resolutions, I like to tackle new goals every month to keep focused.

Let’s start out with a quick review of June!

My fitness goal calendar that I keep at work. Stickers on cats FTW!
1. Average at least 110% activity

Accomplished! Yaaassssss!

Thanks to throwing another half marathon in the month, I ended up with 111%!!! Dang that was hard to actually do but it feels so good to have completed! You can’t tell how happy I am right now, but trust me, I can’t stop smiling.

2. Burpeeeeees (with approx. the same number of e’s)

36 / 90. Total fail! I tried to keep it going at the beginning of the month, but before I knew it I had gone a week without doing any! Yea… not so hot. I let this one slide. It’s 36 more than I otherwise would have done! Sorry Lifehacker, try again next month.

3. Runcommute 4x

Umm… I got 1 / 4. And the only occurrence was a day where my car was in the shop and I had to use other means of transportation! I used this goal productively to run the 4 miles from work back to my newly fixed up car in the evening. That was a proud moment of this month… and then I never did it again. Heh.

Overall, I’m really proud of hitting 110% average activity. There’s no improvement without goals and even though I didn’t do much on the other two, it’s more than I would have otherwise done.

Up next…

My fitness goals for July 2018:

1. Average at least 110% activity

After all of the effort that went into June, I want to try to see if I can beat this 2 months in a row! Half marathon on the 1st gave me an immediate boost, but I think I’ll struggle to stay on top of this one. Fight!

2. Squats

Just like last month, I want to follow along with Lifehacker’s monthly fitness challenge. This month, it’s SQUATS! My goal is to do 10/day, and to round it down and make it a pretty number, 300 over the course of the month. Any day that I run, these will be handled since they’re part of my warmup, but I’ll have to try to remember otherwise! Thankfully, unlike burpees, it should be ok for me to do this at my standup desk at work. I might even do extra. 😉

3. Runcommute 4x

After not doing so hot on this last month, I’d like to try it again. I want to build running and being outside into my life, so this needs to just be forced into a habit. Maybe I should make Wednesdays or Thursdays my runcommute day… Hmmm, that sounds legit, right?

All in all, two out of the three goals for July are the same as last month. Time to go do some squats!

Physically or fiscally, how do you plan to improve your life this month? Let me know in the comments!