With a new month comes new monthly fitness goals! As opposed to yearly resolutions, I like to tackle new goals every month to keep focused.

Here are my fitness goals for June 2018:

1. Average at least 110% activity

I wear a Polar M400 that keeps track of my activity throughout the day. The last couple months I reached a 99 and 93% average and would have hit this amount in May had I not come down sick and laid on the couch feeling like I was dying for a week. I’m at 40% of today’s goal and it’s 7:19pm. Off to a great start.

2. Burpeeeeees

I’m joining in on Lifehacker’s Burpee Challenge and I’m going to figure out how to like burpees. I’m not quite sure yet how many I can do or how many I SHOULD do (these things are supposedly scary, right?!) so I’ll figure it out as I go. I just need to do at least… 3 a day. Yea, we’ll go with that. I can’t do a pushup so will do some hands to elbows and back planks to get working on that arm strength.

3. Runcommute 4x

I live 9.5 miles away from work and last month tried running all the way home for the first time. I don’t want to mandate that I have to run the entire way home each time, but I’d like to park away from work at least 3 miles for this to count. Gotta build the fitness into my life!


So those are my 3 goals for June! As opposed to solely running focused as they have been the past few months, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and make it a little more neutral. Lifehacker posts great monthly fitness challenges so they make a great addition to my goals!

How do you plan to improve your life this month?