With a new month comes new monthly fitness goals! As opposed to yearly resolutions, I like to tackle new goals every month to keep focused.

First, a review of July and August!


1. Average at least 110% activity

Another 111% month! Yay for 2 out of 2! Got one half marathon in there and tried out backpacking for the first time with my HH! Oof was that interesting and heavy after a while! Haha.

2. Squats

Having an average to achieve, and an exercise I can do while standing at my desk at work really made this achievable. I really felt good with this one, it was a nice win!

3. Runcommute 4x

Hahahahaha… Not even once.

It was a good month! I felt like I got a lot done!


1. Average at least 120% activity

asdfasdf Nope! I slipped a little and ended up with 109%; those two half marathons really pushed up my average. It felt like chaos at work and I let that get to me. I was even asked to come in to work on Sunday after my second half marathon was over and man that was really draining. I was so tired.

2. Handstands! 19x

7. Only 7. At the start of the month I was so excited by attempting this but I think I’m really not mentally applying myself to tasks that I give myself to do every day. It feels like a weight of something I HAVE to do instead of WANT to do and I need to get better about that.

3. Runcommute 4x

Lol. No. I got 1 out of 4, and that was really fun run/walking approximately 4 miles back to my car. Try again.

This month was pretty hard on my self esteem. Work seemed really draining, things were going on every weekend, and I just couldn’t muster up the energy to work harder. I do want to stick with handstand practice at least randomly and want to eventually do a wall handstand! Lack of upper body/core/anything strength could use some improvement 😉

My fitness goals for September 2018:

1. Average at least 120% activity

After feeling out of sorts last month and yet still managing being around 110%, I want to try for this again! I have no half marathons planned so I’m going to have to get out there and do some long runs on my own and generally try more each day. Anything active and fun is all that matters, especially as the weather starts to turn for Fall!

2. Altcommute 6x

After failing at this for a couple months, I’m going to drop having a third goal in exchange for doubling down on this one! I’ll be out of town the last week of September so I have 3 weeks to make this happen! I’m including anything that gets me out of my car for this: running, biking, walking, just plain taking the bus… just do something different, especially if it can build some exercise in while it’s still light out!


Physically or fiscally, how do you plan to improve your life this month? Let me know in the comments!