My last half marathon was the Snoqualmie Valley Half on 6/3/18 in Carnation, WA. Not having another half marathon scheduled until mid-August (Bridge of the Gods, I love you!), I was contemplating adding another race or two to keep me on track and improving. I especially wanted to keep running a lot because, if you know the Bridge of the Gods race, you know that it’s dang hilly and will easily kill your legs if you’re not prepared.

So here’s how I ended up signing up for 4 half marathons within the next few months for only $105!

Off to the internets I went, trying to figure out how to force myself to run more.

First idea: Sign up for a MARATHON (my first) to run by the end of this year.

I searched around for marathons in Washington that were happening this year because hey, training up for a full marathon would help me in my quest to do well for Bridge of the Gods, riiiight?? I even went so far as to compile a list of options. After consulting with both my running partner and my partner partner and getting not much additional support, I decided against doing a full marathon this year.

I did, however, get a confirmation of interest from my running partner to go for one next year! So, to be continued on that point! 😉

After looking for possible marathons though, I stumbled over Orca Running’s race subscriptions… new idea!

Second idea: Sign up for multiple half marathons this year for cheap!

Orca Running hosts a series of half marathons in Washington state, and most of them are within an hour drive – easily reachable! I’ve run a couple of their races before so thought I’d look deeper. They have a handful of half marathons scheduled for the rest of this year… a possible new goal?

Not quite easily found or with too much explanation is their race subscription page.

After emailing them back and forth a couple times asking for details about the subscription (half of the year is over already: does the annual subscription start today and end next June? or does it just end in 6 months? how much will I pay overall?), I was encouraged to sign up for either the 4 race (‘Salmon’) or 6 race (‘Otter’) tiers and then email them again to cancel after my last race was complete.

Looking at the remaining 6 race dates, I found that I’d be out of town during one of the half marathons and the last race was only a 5 or 8k. So I went with the 4 race subscription!
I paid my first month’s worth of $21, and will cancel the subscription in October after the Poulsbo Half and all 4 of my races have been run. I’ll incur 5 payments total, giving me the price of:

$21*5 = $105, $105/4 races = $26.25 per race!

A freaking steal when half marathons are usually $60-90 each!

With Orca Running, once you pay for your first month of the subscription, it takes a couple hours (up to a couple days as stated on their website) for them to send you a unique coupon code that you can use to sign up for your races. After quickly receiving my code, I went to each of the 4 races and signed up. Using the coupon code reduced the fee to $0, since I was already paying for the subscription. Easy peasy!

I’ve already run my first subscription half marathon this past Saturday, with no issues whatsoever! I love it! I have another lined up for this coming Sunday and 3 more (including Bridge of the Gods) over the next few months!

How can you apply this for yourself?

Well, if you live in the greater Seattle area, go to Orca Running’s website now and sign up! They have 4 half marathons and a 5 or 8k left for this year!

Otherwise, if you live in or nearby a populous area, there’s probably a company running a series of races near you. Check out the websites of races you’ve already run and see if they have any sort of package deal to save on future races!