Goal #1: Run a Marathon

My marathon isn’t until October so I’ve signed up for some races to get me ready for it in the meantime! My first bigger race is in March, the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon but my next race is in February, the My Better Half 10K.

Goal #2: Run 1000 Miles

In gearing up for the half marathon in March, this week I ran 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, 2.5 on Wednesday, then 7 miles on Saturday!

Running Total: 15.5 mi

Goal #3: Lose 5lb

I started off January 1st at 175.8 lbs. This weight was a little elevated from yummy Christmas leftovers. On Saturday I weight myself at 174.4 lbs, for a loss already of 1.4!

Goal #4: Buy a House

Christmas gifts were all deposited. Yay for breaking 10k saved! It’s a good start.

Goal #5: Write More

Early this week I spent some time writing up a post… that I haven’t finished yet. But I’m starting up these weekly reviews of my goals to keep me on track!

January Goal #1: Low Spend Month!

I’ve signed up for the Frugalwoods’ Uber Frugal Month emails and having fun reading them every day. I can’t say it helped me too much this week because I pre-planned some hangouts (Seattle on Friday night with the hubs, Costco on Sunday with a friend) before starting up this goal and entirely forgot when heading over to Trader Joe’s on Thursday night to pick up some wants (I ran out of chai tea at work so I wanted more) and not needs… but next week should be better. I did avoid spending any money at Value Village today and put back a cute shirt that I would have otherwise bought. 😉

So that’s my progress for my 2019 goals, what about you? Did you make any progress on your goals?