First update in 3 weeks, oof! Week 2 I mismanaged my time flying out for a work trip, then for week 3 I got sick on said work-trip, so now I’m finally back in action with a bulk review, yay!

Goal #1: Run a Marathon

Week 2 did alright training: I ran Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’m having trouble getting that Wednesday run in. Week 2 Total: 2.3+3+8=13.3mi

Week 3 I got sick, so I only ended up doing a weights workout on Monday and then sleeping the rest of the week while I wasn’t working. Yaaay. Week 3 Total: Big Fat 0.

Week 4 I was still recovering so I did fairly simlar to Week 2: Tuesday, light Thursday, and Saturday. My run on Saturday was a great prep run for the My Better Half 10K though at Seward park! I feel prepared with a solid 9 miles including a couple hills. 🙂 Week 3 Total: 3+2.5+9=14.5mi

Goal #2: Run 1000 Miles

My schedule for the year resulted in about 1100mi so I’m not too worried about being sick and missing a week’s worth of miles. Making progress!

Running Total for the Year: 43.3 mi

Goal #3: Lose 5lb

I started off January at 175.8lb. Oh man does being sick help you lose weight! Heh. At the end of the week of being sick I weighed 172.0lbs for a considerable loss of 2.4lb. Yesterday I weighed myself at 172.8lbs, so I ate some of that back, but still a very good loss (with little impact on what I get to eat!) over the month of January.

Weight Loss for 2019: 3lbs

Goal #4: Buy a House

Scheduled monthly deposit into savings happened for January. +$700 without noticing FTW.

Goal #5: Write More

Not much movement here. I’ve been living life and forgetting writing about it. At least the photos on my phone remind me what I’ve done for now.

January Goal #1: Low Spend Month!

Almost done! I think I’ve done pretty well trying to squash random wants from impacting my wallet, but I guess I should review it all for the month! *says this while sitting at Starbucks with a drink* >.>

I had a dog over this past Sunday though and we enjoyed snuggling on the dog bed I bought in week 1! Purchase was totally worth it, and one of my cats enjoys it when there’s no dog over haha. She looks so tiny on the huge bed.

That’s it for my progress for my 2019 goals so far. What about you? Did you make any progress on your goals? We’re about 1/12th done already!